Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion designer & SUPERcooperativeMODEL

Photo taken in 2007. The "fashion designer" with her "Supermodel".

It is wonderful to have sisters. It is even more wonderful if the sisters share the same passion for fashion.

A few weeks ago I brought my girls to Kamdar and they requested for some plain colored fabrics. We ended up spending about RM20 on fabrics that only cost RM2-RM3 each (some were merely half a meter wide) .

One day when I got home, they eagerly showed me their creations that were still stored inside a digital camera. My 12 year old daughter had acted as the Fashion Designer, Art Director cum Photographer while her younger sister posed as the SupercooperativeModel.

I am very impressed with their creations below.

Great pose.

Beautiful dress inspired by Greek fashion.

A brilliant way to use the hair clip

Transforming a pink fabric into a sweet and lovely dress.
It somehow reminds me of "The Secret Life of Nora" my daughter & I watched recently.

My girls must have been inspired by those poster girls on the wall.

The elegant blue satin dress...

Wow...where did they learn this sexy pose from?

I like that pair of cool "pants"!

The tiara adds a perfect touch to this elegant dress.
The "art director" even took the trouble to create a black background.

The big earring enhances the glamour of this gown.

Transforming 4 pieces of fabric into a colourful casual wear.

Turning the dark blue belt into a tie...How creative!

Combining a plain green fabric with a floral one that I gave them quite some time ago.
It has a strong tropical feel.

Shopaholic in making?

Black fabric was wrapped around a white singlet. It is simple and elegant!

Well done, daughters. You may grow up as the next Coco Chanel!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3xRM100 but still unhappy

I met a rich neighbour at my kids' school. I told her I came to collect the RM100.

She asked, 'Am I entitled to it?'

She's a nice lady. Can't blame her for asking because she'd just bought a RM30K ring recently.

I told her, 'It's OUR money and everyone is entitled to it. Heard even kids holding blue ID but with parents holding red ID also get the money.' Hmmph...

I somehow didn't feel happy when receiving the money from the overworked teachers. That's not because I don't like money, but I'm just too worried about the future of this country.

I'm sure you know what I mean.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How I despise those hit & run drivers!

A few days before Deepavali, I was back in my hometown.

I saw an Indian lady and 2 teenagers passing by my parents' house. My hubby and I noticed that lady was pushing a damaged bike. We approached them and got to know that a car knocked her off the bike and sped off. She had no choice but to push her bike home before walking to work in a chinese restaurant. He daughter and son were accompanying her.

We offered to help. She accepted and we sent her bike for repair before driving her to work. On the way to her workplace, I asked about her family background. She told me she has 4 children but her husband is irresponsible and barely gives her money. Fortunately all her 4 kids are well behaved and they do well in their studies. Her teenage daughter works part time in that restaurant too. I encouraged that girl to study hard in order to have a better future. She looked at me and nodded her head.

I later passed some money to that lady and told her to buy something for her children. She and her children deserved a good Deepavali - the festival of light. May they continue to be strong and their souls be full of light and hope.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

That beautiful egytian queen is my sis-in-law. Besides sewing her own costume, she also made the costumes for the cat woman and nun. How creative!

Our special guests this year included a cool pirate and a cute little egyptian princess with her pretty mommy who donned a black skeleton outfit.

Kakak's head is on the platter!

"Is it real?"

The cute little witch is checking on the spider web.

Boys are boys.

My son and his buddies. Can you recognize those computer game characters?

I could hear the trick or treaters howling while they were walking towards my house.

The "Freddy Krueger" who didn't bring nightmare but sweet dreams to kids. Even though he and I co-organized this event, he was the one who was able to control those overly excited kids. I really have to thank him for preparing fun games for the kids too.

Getting candies from houses with pumpkins pasted on the gates.

The group was getting larger this year, next year may need to break it into a few smaller groups.

The"Freddie Kruger" had already transformed into another scary character when the trick or treaters arrived at his doorstep.

He wanted mommies to turn their kids into mummies!

Lots of candies were hidden inside that big orange color pinata made by his wife.

Another pinata awaiting trick or treater. More houses were decorated with halloween theme this year.

Heroes and villains enjoyed taking turns hitting the pinata.

A neighbour sponsored some glow sticks that surely added more fun to that wonderful night.

A beautiful witch was handing out goody bags to the kids while "entertaining" them with spooky sound effect that would send a chill down your spine...

Every halloween, I will take some photos with my 2 beautiful & wonderful sis-in-laws. Together we had started the first ever halloween in my neighborhood 4 years ago. We've created many sweet memories together.

Even my kakak has enjoyed 4 years of halloween fun (leopard woman - 2008, pontianak - 2009, mysterious squid woman - 2010 and this year... HER HEAD IS ON THE PLATTER!!!!)