Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Private School?

My mom is 71 and she still feels bad for a decision she made more than 30 years ago... She regretted for not sending my brother to a chinese primary school. Yet my bother and sister-in-law (both can't read and write Chinese) put their girls in Chinese primary school and both my nieces do well in school. Mom is happy ...but she still feels guilty about her own decision.

All my kids shall attend 6 years of primary Chinese school, and I force my elder two to continue taking Chinese subject in secondary school. I have no regret on that but I have other headaches.

My dilemma:
1) Private vs Public school
2) National vs International syllabus

I end up putting them in a public secondary school.... and end up regretting (I listed the problems in my previous posting). So just a few months ago, I decided to switch my girl to a private school with national syllabus. My son will join her next year.

Why not international syllabus? Well...I don't have the courage to burn the bridge yet. Since they have good command of English, I feel that there is no harm to master another language...especially that is our national language (even though I can't guarantee they will stay in this country forever!? )

How does my girl cope with the new school? On the first day, she told me her class has quite a number of students from chinese primary school. Her classmates are "super friendly" and not snobbish, and her teachers are 'cool, nice, friendly, and all can teach.' I could see she already likes her new school .

She could tell the difference between the private & public school
But then she told me "there is something "NOT GOOD" about that new school". My heart sank.............

She looked at me and said, "The teachers really COME TO CLASS! They really TEACH!! And they REALLY GIVE HOMEWORK!!!

I am now convinced I have made the right move xD


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我有位邻居的孩子小学是华小的团长,品学兼优但可感到他有股压力也并不十分快乐。中学他上私立学校,五年来除了功课一样好,他变得开朗健谈,并非常积极参与课外活动。SPM 拿了10A, 也成了模范生。他母亲告诉我他非常享受校园生活,他很爱他的同学及老师们 (他亲口告诉我老师都很好,我心想虽不是全部应也有一大部分)。毕业典礼之前他伤心了几日。我在想,若他在国中,他应该一样會有好成绩,但他会失些去什么呢?