Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What we got from Chatuchak, Bangkok

My girls were so excited to see the gifts we got for them.

 My elder daughter whom is a "mustache" lover was thrilled to get this t-shirt and a mustache shape leather keychain with her name initials.

Bought a few packs of buttons in a shop specializing in buttons and mosaic art. 
The 2 packs with pink labels cost THB110/RM11 each.
The price for this pack is unbelievable! It is only THB45/RM4.50!

My girls can't wait to sort out the buttons...

There are shops specializing in ribbons but I only bought the special priced items above. 

Mosaic Art frame that costs THB89/RM8.90 in Chatuchak (the small pack) but a ringgit more in B2S, Central World. It will be a fun activity for kids and adults.

There is a shop selling bags made of Jeans.
I bought this one for my maid - THB199/RM19.90

A gift for myself. THB700/RM70

Front & back part of the bag
I bought 2 sling bags for my daughters. It costs THB199/RM19.90 each
I purposely bought the simple ones without any patterns or deco so that my girls can freely customise them with buttons, ribbon, fabric crayons and pens. 

My little girl is using fabric crayons to draw some patterns on her bag. She later sew 3 buttons on it. Nice.

A space theme bag.

Hari Raya themed "Ketupat" purse? 
THB10 (RM1). Bought it for my maid's daughter ... 

My elder daughter loves to make miniatures. She requested mini bottles to keep those tiny little things. We found a shop selling all types of bottles. Those we selected above cost THB410/RM41

The different shapes of bottles

I was thrilled to find a shop selling many interesting miniature items such as black sushi tray, flower pots, basket, plates, cups etc. 

Mini display shelves from the same shop

In total I spent THB930/RM93 for quite a number of miniature items plus the 2 display shelves. (I saw some of the items in an art store in Power Ikano and the price is much more expensive! Should have bought more... )

Kids arranged the items inside different compartments. 

My elder daughter couldn't wait to decoden one of the bottle caps with fake whip creme etc. Kawai.

I came across a shop selling wooden frames and the price is so affordable!
The big frames cost THB100/RM10 for 5 frames!

My daughter's work. Can you find this frame from the photo above, before its transformation?

If you were to buy this type of frame, do check on the base. Some were a bit porous.
However, can't complain for the price we paid :-)

Another good find. Each wooden box is only THB25/RM2.50.

My elder daughter couldn't wait to transform it into a delicious looking box.

 I regretted for buying 2 only. I should have bought a few dozens!!!

I found this cool apron for THB250/RM25

My hubby bought some ropes and buckles. Not sure what are those for...definitely not for art and craft!

He bought me 2 leather purses that were suppose to be my birthday presents. No more sweet surprise since I found out before he managed to hide them. He also bought a card holder and 2 money clippers for himself. 

My lovely hubby even bought 2 cute fridge magnets! The leather keychain is for our daughter TZ.  

We also bought 2 different sizes & patterns of Thai Brand notebook bags plus one big tote bag for THB1000 (RM100). My little girl brings the one above to school everyday (her school bag is too heavy, so she puts some of her exercise books inside this bag and hand carry it. The size is just nice)
Oh ya, I remember the last trip we were there, there were many LeSportsac imitations.  This round we couldn't seem to find any.

As for my son who is very passionate about photography, his dad found him some colour lense caps for his Nikon camera. THB50 (RM5) each. My son thinks the colors are too striking :p



Our son simply loves these 2 T-shirts printed with cameras that his dad bought for him. 

Man is man. My hubby also bought his son an army pants (THB280/RM28) and a "sniper" key chain.

I found this necktie for my son who is a music lover too. It was only THB60/RM6.

Beautiful artificial orchid THB150/RM15

Apart from the above, there are a few more items that I bought as gifts to others.

For those who love shopping, I'm sure you will not go home empty handed from Chatuchak.

For me, I somehow feel that THE MORE I SPEND, THE MORE I SAVE :D


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, you sure one fantastic mom, and the presents you bought for your kids, I bet your face wet with their 'thank you, mom' kisses! Ha ha.
Couldn't help smiling read your daughter 'a moustache lover', ha ha.
How come? Influenced by Tom Selleck?

You really know what to buy too, should keep them engrossed months....
Have fun, Yuin Ting....keep well.

Eunice Tee尤妮絲 said...

哗, 看到妳与老公 shopping 到那么 happy 真是羡慕得很呢! 想必花了不少$$吧!

YuinTing said...

Hi Lee, it is fun to shop in Bangkok because most of the items are much cheaper there. And yes, my kids were thrilled to see so many presents for them. As for that "mustache", a lot of teenagers love that mustache icon. Not sure whether is it just an icon or what. But I'm sure it not because of Tom Selleck.

Hi Eunice, 泰國真的是購物天堂。雖然如此,我們買的皆是價廉物美的東西。所以不是花了太多$$.

Joyful.Mum said...

You are such a loving mum and ma'am, bought so many things for your children, maid and her daughter! Well done! (You made me want to book the next flight to BKK!)

YuinTing said...

Hi Joyful.Mum,thanks for your compliments. Bangkok is a shopping paradise, especially Chatuchak. You should go and do your christmas shopping there!

Sharon said...

Yuin Ting, you got some good craft buys. Do you remember which section in Chatuchak you bought them from? I am bringing 2 kids and was hoping I can go straight to the craft section. The map on their website is not much help. :(