Friday, April 12, 2013

The neighbors I salute (Please Vote)

I asked an elderly neighbor whether is she going to vote this year.

She frowned and said she and her family will be having a vacation in Japan at that time. (Already booked AirAsia tickets last year, and is scheduled to return on 6 May).

Just as I thought she won't be voting, she said: “没有法子咯,要早一天回來咯。” ("What to do, have to come back a day earlier.")

Surprised by her answer, I asked :'How many of you?'

She started counting...her husband, 2 daughters (40+, both first time voters), son-in-laws, brother and 2 young grandchildren.

She can afford to fork out extra money for the air tickets, what she can't afford is to let her beloved country ruled by corrupt government again...and again!

My neighbour's family has 7 votes in hands! I see hope!!!

So, please don't say 'No Choice'. It is whether we are willing to do some sacrifice for our beloved country or not.

Please VOTE and let our voice heard!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, yes, every vote counts.
People who don't vote shouldn't complain later.
If I were you I'll tell my neighbours that.
Use your vote to help your country.

薰衣草夫人 said...


cre8tone said...

Let's vote together for better future!~

YuinTing said...

Hi Lee, that neighbor of mine was robbed a few months ago. I wonder why her family chose to "escape" instead of doing something with the votes in their hand in order to make this country a better and safer place!


cre8tone, everyone of us must vote...and to vote wisely. I keep telling whoever I meet to vote. Now DAP has to contest under PAS and PKR and it is important for us to inform and educate those around us.

Pak Pin said...

found you! chakkkk,,

good luck ya for PRU13.


YuinTing said...

Hi Pak Pin,

Glad you found my Igloo...selamat datang :-)

Actually I accidentally found your blog through Pakmat's blog. I spent quite some time reading through many of your post and what you wrote resonated with me. We have the same hope and dream for our beloved country. Wish us luck to wake up on the 6 May for a better Malaysia!!!