Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kids and Politics

My youngest daughter : "Mom, I checked already, many of my friends' parents are going to vote for Pakatan." (Her own initiative, I don't remember asking her to make the survey)

My elder kid in the private school : "My teacher told us not to discuss politics in class, because some of the students' parents are BN members." (I truly pity those kids...especially the offspring of the cronies. I'm sure they feel very uneasy now)

In the past my hubby and I refrained ourselves from discussing politics in front of our kids to avoid giving them bad impression on some country leaders. We felt that kids' childhood should be filled with happiness & good memories...more fairytales than real life horror stories.

However, I realized things are no longer within our control when my little girl handed me this drawing:

Click image to enlarge

Note: I intentionally cover the name in red, but it is not hard to guess.

Time has really changed. Kids have grown up.
We no longer need to deal with DIRTY DIAPERS aka CORRUPT POLITICIANS who have stayed in power for too long!

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