Sunday, May 5, 2013

I never thought it would end this way

While waiting for the GE13 results last night, I was making a few mini posters to pass time. Looking back, I realized it was impossible to be calm when you were swimming in dirty water.

14 hours ago

12 hours ago (I was praying for Nurul Izzah to win)

7 hours ago. Raub vote recount

Before this poster was done I was already getting emotional when I heard one of my relatives was beaten up by 5 gangsters when he was trying to stop some foreigners from voting in Gelang Patah. His nose & mouth were bleeding and our hearts were bleeding too.

The last image I added before calling it a day.
Instead of using a black box as my FB profile photo, I chose to include a hand because I believe one day the true democracy will return to the hands of the people!

5 May 2013...
No indelible ink,
only indelible memory.

Children need to learn the true meaning of democracy...not from the corrupt leaders they see on TV or newspaper...but from their parents and good adults around them.
For the sake of our children, we must KEEP CALM and cannot lose hope.


Sunny-Cookie said...

Today is a sad day, but for the sake of our children's future we cannot give up and we must not back down.

YuinTing said...

You're right, Sunny-Cookie. For the sake of our children, we must not give up!!!