Thursday, June 4, 2009

Designing Spy Gadgets

Designing Spy Gadgets...
3 "Special Agents" in a group, they were "ordered" to design a cool gadget and present to the everyone.
An umbrella that has buttons to fire...and even fly. If there's a traffic jam, just open the umbrella and fly away!
A book not for reading but for sending & receiving messages! Thanks to Totally Spies for the inspiration!
A teddy bear that's dangerously equipped with hidden camera, recording system, sharp weapon etc. Girls can be as creative in designing cool gadget.

Juin the senior special agent (I had a Spy Party for him when he's 10), together with another senior agent Cameron (who attended his Spy party) had the coolest and most creative design. It even had a Cloaking Device. Well... meaning that if you slide the ring into your finger, you become invisible!! Guess my boy really wishes to have one so that I couldn't detect him watching TV.

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