Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spy Party Treasure Hunt (for the 10 missing candles)

Mission 1 (Letter box)

Dear agents,

Today you are all summoned here to complete an important mission. To locate the missing birthday candles belonging to one of our agents. Surely, a piece of cake for you o’ smart ones. A series of clues will help you in your mission. To begin, here is your first one.

You will find it outside the house

It’s purpose is to store written messages from others

Yet, it can only receive but cannot send

Go there now, and it will lead you to the next clue.

Mission 2 (the cabinet next to the fridge)

Dear agents,

Congratulations for completing mission 1.

For the next mission, you will need to locate the coldest place in this house.

Once you know where it is, open the door next to it (right hand side) and you will find your next clue.

Mission 3 (My hubby was wearing a waist band)

Dear agents,In this mission you will need to look for a mystery person.

Wearing a waist band, that person is here amongst us. Before you find that person, collect the following items. For he will want Them in exchange for your next clue.

A spoon

A green living thing

A piece of paper

Mission 4 (I plucked some leaves & put it inside an envelope)

Dear agents,

Well done for reaching this far. In this mission, to find the clue, you are required to find a place with leaves
that match this leaf sample on it’s left & right.

Put on your shoes, walk don’t run,

Leave this house and have some fun,

If you’re tired do find a place to sit,

For the clue maybe hidden under it.

Mission 5 (I gave them a piece of paper with 10 riddles)

Congratulations my smart agents. You are nearing the end of this mission.

You need to solve all the riddles given to you. Get it from the Spy-In-Chief!

Teamwork is important!

Mission 6 (Decode using Semaphore, Pig Pen etc... like a real spy!)

Congratulations my smart agents. You have reached the final mission. Get an envelope from Spy-In-Chief to decode the location of the candles.

Good luck! We’re waiting to blow the candles!!!

P/S: specially thanks to Mr Chong for his contribution on these "missions". He's my ex-neighbour & a treasure hunt expert.

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