Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spy Party Games

(1) Memory Test: The kids had their backs facing me while I was placing 20 items on the floor. I then gave them 1 min to memorize the items. After that, I took the items away and they had to list down what they could remember.

(2) Mystery Sound: I took 10 items from the Memory Test and used them for this game. I dropped them one by one and let the kids guess the types of object. Eg. Hanger, Pen, Soft Ball, Ping Pong Ball, Glue, Book, Bag etc." I even let them guess the number of ping pong balls that I dropped at the same time.

(3) Passing Mystery Parcel: Once the music stopped, the person who was holding the parcel had to unwrap a layer of the parcel and read out what they need to do. Eg. "Stick out your tongue, clap your hands and tap your feet", "walk like a super model", "Laugh like a villain" etc. And the player who unwrapped the last layer of paper will get the prize inside.

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