Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween 2008

Halloween is coming soon. Our family is very excited about it. Last year we had the first halloween in our neighborhood, with kids coming home with lots of sweets from trick 'r treating. Should have asked for sponsorship from our dentist!

I fell in love with Halloween the time I was staying in USA many years ago. I was simply fascinated with those creative deco & costumes. Even though Halloween is not that popular here, I wish to make it a yearly event as it's one of the best time to unleash the creativity and "devil" within! (none of my kids want to be princess or hero but prefer to be devil and monster instead... including myself)

Tian Zi the little ghost.


Lana said...

I loved to see your pics at random here on blogger. You have a beautiful family. I like to see you keep your culture alive in your children. =)Have a wonderful week.

Daddy Forever said...

I love Halloween too and wish we celebrate year round.

YuinTing Chin said...

Hi Lana, Welcome!
Thanks for your compliment. I visited your blog too. You have a BIG & WONDERFUL family!

Daddy Forever,
Guess there's a child in all of us!