Monday, June 29, 2009

The Plantation "Artist"

One of the Indonesian workers in my brother-in-law's plantation is very artistic. He decorates the "club house" inside the plantation with his authentic drawings. Being someone who loves to draw, I can feel his passion for art. I've decided to buy him some drawing blocks the next round we go back to Muar.

Wonderful Kampung Experience

My family visited my hubby's brother's plantation in Muar a few weeks ago. Juin the snake lover was excited to see & touch the big snake. (Heard that snake was only sold for RM10)
The monkey & cat are buddies. Aren't they adorable?

Those Indonesian workers made their own kites during free time. It's very impressive!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mission Accomplished

After the agents successfully found all the 10 missing candles, it's time to SING the birthday song and ENJOY THE CAKE.
Being the "Spy-In-Chief", I hereby declare "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phew... what a very energy sapping yet rewarding mission...
I told my daughter the next birthday I'll host for her would be her "Sweet Sixteen"...

Spy HQ

We designed and coloured the "Spy HQ" with crayon. The logo looks familiar? Yes, it does resemble the "Totally Spies" logo!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where are the missing candles?

In order not to disappoint anyone, I gave each team a piece of green paper to decode one of the 3 locations of the birthday candles. Curious to know where I hid the candles?

The answers are...
1) "Ask Tian Huey's Mother. It Is Inside her bag"
2) "Ask Tian Huey's brother. It Is Inside his bag"
3) "Ask Tian Huey's Sisiter. It Is Inside her bag"

You should see how excited and thrilled when those agents successfully located the candles!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Spy School Training Certificate

Hope all the Special Agents like the certificate I designed for them.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Loving Dad

The loving dad is preparing sandwiches for his beloved daughter's birthday party. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Designing Spy Gadgets

Designing Spy Gadgets...
3 "Special Agents" in a group, they were "ordered" to design a cool gadget and present to the everyone.
An umbrella that has buttons to fire...and even fly. If there's a traffic jam, just open the umbrella and fly away!
A book not for reading but for sending & receiving messages! Thanks to Totally Spies for the inspiration!
A teddy bear that's dangerously equipped with hidden camera, recording system, sharp weapon etc. Girls can be as creative in designing cool gadget.

Juin the senior special agent (I had a Spy Party for him when he's 10), together with another senior agent Cameron (who attended his Spy party) had the coolest and most creative design. It even had a Cloaking Device. Well... meaning that if you slide the ring into your finger, you become invisible!! Guess my boy really wishes to have one so that I couldn't detect him watching TV.

Spy Party Treasure Hunt (for the 10 missing candles)

Mission 1 (Letter box)

Dear agents,

Today you are all summoned here to complete an important mission. To locate the missing birthday candles belonging to one of our agents. Surely, a piece of cake for you o’ smart ones. A series of clues will help you in your mission. To begin, here is your first one.

You will find it outside the house

It’s purpose is to store written messages from others

Yet, it can only receive but cannot send

Go there now, and it will lead you to the next clue.

Mission 2 (the cabinet next to the fridge)

Dear agents,

Congratulations for completing mission 1.

For the next mission, you will need to locate the coldest place in this house.

Once you know where it is, open the door next to it (right hand side) and you will find your next clue.

Mission 3 (My hubby was wearing a waist band)

Dear agents,In this mission you will need to look for a mystery person.

Wearing a waist band, that person is here amongst us. Before you find that person, collect the following items. For he will want Them in exchange for your next clue.

A spoon

A green living thing

A piece of paper

Mission 4 (I plucked some leaves & put it inside an envelope)

Dear agents,

Well done for reaching this far. In this mission, to find the clue, you are required to find a place with leaves
that match this leaf sample on it’s left & right.

Put on your shoes, walk don’t run,

Leave this house and have some fun,

If you’re tired do find a place to sit,

For the clue maybe hidden under it.

Mission 5 (I gave them a piece of paper with 10 riddles)

Congratulations my smart agents. You are nearing the end of this mission.

You need to solve all the riddles given to you. Get it from the Spy-In-Chief!

Teamwork is important!

Mission 6 (Decode using Semaphore, Pig Pen etc... like a real spy!)

Congratulations my smart agents. You have reached the final mission. Get an envelope from Spy-In-Chief to decode the location of the candles.

Good luck! We’re waiting to blow the candles!!!

P/S: specially thanks to Mr Chong for his contribution on these "missions". He's my ex-neighbour & a treasure hunt expert.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spy Party Games

(1) Memory Test: The kids had their backs facing me while I was placing 20 items on the floor. I then gave them 1 min to memorize the items. After that, I took the items away and they had to list down what they could remember.

(2) Mystery Sound: I took 10 items from the Memory Test and used them for this game. I dropped them one by one and let the kids guess the types of object. Eg. Hanger, Pen, Soft Ball, Ping Pong Ball, Glue, Book, Bag etc." I even let them guess the number of ping pong balls that I dropped at the same time.

(3) Passing Mystery Parcel: Once the music stopped, the person who was holding the parcel had to unwrap a layer of the parcel and read out what they need to do. Eg. "Stick out your tongue, clap your hands and tap your feet", "walk like a super model", "Laugh like a villain" etc. And the player who unwrapped the last layer of paper will get the prize inside.

Birthday Cake for A Special Agent

I designed a birthday cake for Tian Huey and the baker turned it into something edible!