Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Window Display

Tonight the kids will go trick or treating... yahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tian Zi's Egyptian Ghost & Frankenstein

My little girl told me she likes "Egyptian Stuff". She even created Egyptian Ghost & Frankenstein!

Halloween Door

Can't wait to go trick or treating tomorrow!

My girls decorated their room door with halloween art.

Tian Huey's version.
Tian Zi's version.

Halloween Monster "Jelly Fish"

It's so fun to create Window Display for halloween!

Halloween "Ghost"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mysterious turns Mischievous (haunted halloween house)

Everything mysterious in the dark becomes mischievous in broad daylight.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Haunted" halloween house

On a windy night last week, I captured these "mysterious scenes" on video...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inter School Robotic Competition

A few months ago TJ took part in his school robotic competition. This round, he finally got the chance to represent his school in the inter school competition (Selangor State)! Being a robotic fan, it was a great challenge and wonderful opportunity for him.

A few days before the UPSR exam, my son was still spending many hours in school preparing for the robotic competition. My hubby and I both felt that even though UPSR is important, being able to represent school in the robotic competition would be equally significant to him. After all, life is not only about academic achievement!
Even though luck was not really on their side as their PC hang twice during the programming stage, they still tried their very best and managed to bring home a consolation prize. Son, mommy is proud of you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Have A Date With Spring 我和春天有个约会, etc

I watched "I Have A Date With Spring" (我和春天有个约会)on last Sat. It's a  very wonderful performance by our local talents.  I enjoy those oldies very much and can't wait to bring mom and dad for the performance on next sunday. (The last day of the performance!)
My updated list:
1) Phantom of the Opera (New York) -  the first broadway I've ever watched 
2) Les Miserables (New York) - somehow i was pretty tired on that day and can't really remember much
3) The Cats (New York) - i was mesmerized by "Memory" 
4) Blue Men Show (New York) ... Off Broadway, very interesting indeed 
5) Moulin Rouge (Paris) ...those dancers have fantastic dancing skills...and figure 
6) Madam Butterfly (Sunway, KL) ... I enjoyed the poetic lyrics 
7) River Dance (Bukit Jalil Stadium) ...should have brought a binocular, my seat was too far from stage. The acoustic was bad. 
8) Tosca (KL) 
9) The Sound of Music (KL) 
10) My Fair Lady (KL) 
11) Mama Mia (KL) - great but regretted to watch the movie before the stage performance 
12) Puteri Gunung Ledang (KL) -  impressed by our local production! 
13) 文成公主(KL) ﹣somehow I can't really appreciate those songs. 
14) Emily of the Emerald Hill by Pearly Chua (KL) - impressed by our local production! 
15)蔡琴演唱會 (KL & Genting). She's my favorite singer 
16)A stand up comedy in Actor Studio. 2 comedians poking jokes on our politicians, keeping audience in stitches   
17) Prince Siddartha at Istana Budaya. I like the stage prop. 
18) "I Have A Date With Spring" 我和春天有个约会 (KLPAC) - impressed by our local production! 
** 19) Something unique : Water Puppet show in Vietnam
With my kids, I've watched: 
1) Barney & Friends (my kids have outgrown that purple dinosaur) 
2) Disney on Ice (a few times...) 
3) 哎呀呀大任务 (The Actor Studio, KL) ...very interesting show for kids - impressed by our local production! 
4) Mad Science (The Actor Studio, KL) ... learning science the fun (or weird) way?
With Juin when he's young... 
We attended a few performances in KLCC Philharmonic Hall (a year of Family Fun Day Concert Package) . My favourites are the ochestra performance accompanying "Snow Man" and "Charlie Chaplin" films. 
Being a fan of stage performance, my list is definitely growing... I wish to watch 杜蘭朵by張藝謀 but I wonder whether it'll ever come to Malaysia.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sweet memories

I started writing blogs in 2006 (the previous Yahoo 360) but it closed down a few months ago. I managed to save my data before it's all gone. Those are precious memories and I'll soon print out a set of hardcopy (about 500 pages).

My kids love to read my old blog. It's a special "digital time machine" for them to go back to the early years of their childhood.

The following are some of my favourite pictures with the captions I wrote at that time.

Is it fun to have three pairs of twins? Tian Juin names them the "Evil Twins" fun for the mom. (2006)
The mischievous Tian Zi (2006)
Tian Huey drawing a portrait of her little sister. (2006)
Having a good time "camping" inside Juin's room. (2006)
How is it like to be the only boy around? (2006)
Tian Huey's lantern was selected by her teacher to participate in the competition. We're going to attend the mooncake festival cum the competition result announcement (tomorrow evening). (2006)
Tian Zi the SUPER cooperative MODEL!! (2007)
My girls are smiling at each other after receiving their prizes (TH won the consolation prize and Tian Zi's the Second runner-up). Thanks to their Xiao Gu for giving them the beautiful Korean dress.(2007)
I asked TZ who she "wished to" to pass it to.
"Ko Ko," she replied.(She chose her brother as victim. Didn't dare to offend her sister? Man is more forgiving?) (2007) (note: she passed the virus to both! How fair!!)
Daddy is always there to support his little girl. (2007)
My girls and their cousins Jing Ya & Jing Xuan decorated the tree happily. To add to the excitement, I let them draw lots to see who could be the one to LIGHT UP the tree.(2007)

I saw a lovely shadow on the wall this morning when I was looking up the staircase. It's Tian Zi with her bolster. (2007)

Tian Zi's grandma is giving her a haircut...(2008)
Few days ago I woke up early and spotted my hubby sewing my daughter's belt at 6:30 in the morning. How wonderful to marry a man who loves his family so much :-) ----- (2008)

TZ agreed to cut her hair short after we found lice in her hair, just like her elder sister Tian Huey. (2008)
My daughters used their secret weapons - the shower caps and head lice shampoo to exterminate those blood sucking invaders. (2008)

Mom gave TJ an angpao & a note for his 11 years old birthday on the 25th of October.
“恬駿 生日快樂心想事成。外婆很高興你又年長多一歲了 明年你將考你的六年級了。你的成績很好外婆不擔心。不過還是必需再努力加油喔因為求學如「逆水行舟不進則退」希望你是兩個妹妹的好榜樣好哥哥。
愛你的外婆” (2008)

Yesterday my hubby spotted a big dried leaf near the club house swimming pool and my kids instantly remembered they came across it in Lat's "Kampung Boy". (2008)
Last week, I "recycled" my son's short pants that he'd outgrown & turned it into :
PAJAMA for TZ Barney,
a PAIR OF PANTS for TJ's Tokemon that he owned since 5 years old

a MINI SKIRT & RIBBON for TH's CJ7. (2008)