Friday, August 6, 2010

Bye Bye Worries, Hello Slumberland!

My elder daughter was so worried about her piano exam since a few weeks ago. Fortunately it was over yesterday and to my great surprise my son & daughter told me they wanted to take up grade 4 next year. Just a few months ago my son said he wanted to quit but now he seems to change his mind and even takes the initiative to learn new song.

Kids are unpredictable, and so is their imagination.

Recently I found out their interesting methods of putting their worries away ...

My 11-year old artistic daughter said,"Usually when I close my eyes, I'll see a WALL with my PROBLEMS written on it. (Eg: PIANO EXAM"). So, I'd imagine myself wearing a very Beautiful dress, walking into a shop that sells colorful paint. I'll choose my favorite color - Lavender. I'd then started painting & covering those words on the wall. Before I finished painting, I'll doze off already."
(No wonder her teachers complained she daydreams a lot)

My 8-year old goal oriented daughter has a different way. She'd imagine her teacher holding an exam paper in hand, calling out her student code and NAME. She'll then see a 100% on that paper. That would satisfy her and put her to sleep.

PLUS...sometimes she'll imagine a TAEKWONDO master helping her to "B R E A K a lot of bricks of problems"
( I know she's very persistent and goal-oriented, but I'm truly surprised by her imagination)

Now it's my 13-year old gun-obssessed son's turn. He said he'll imagine himself shooting a lot of balloons with a gun. I'm curious and asked him whether are those balloons colorful??? He replied,"NO. Those balloons have no color."
(Phew... at least he's shooting balloons and not "human")

Even so, their daddy's imagination/dream is still the "wildest", if not the best. This 90kg man would transform himself into a ** feather **.... floating in the light & carefree............. drifting him into slumberland...z z z z z z z

In short, there's no dream too BIG, or too small.
So keep dreaming!

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