Friday, August 13, 2010

Luckier than a Tycoon!

Recently China Press reported that Hong Kong tycoon Stanley Ho sent his personal jet to pick up 88 Musang Durian from Singapore. He then shared 10 biji sahaja (10 only) with his billionaire buddy Li Ka-shing.

My hubby's childhood buddy owns a durian orchard in Bentong. During weekends, this durian lover will personally drives his Pajero to collect the King of Fruits and then generously shares some with us (Musang, D24, D2 & 101). Once my hubby tagged along and came back with more than 20! (aren't we luckier than Lee Ka-shing?!)

The orchard of my hubby's buddy.

A worker with his harvest.

Besides the King of Fruit, the Queen of Fruit - Mangosteen, are planted in his orchard too. What a fruity Kingdom!

My hubby the Kampung Boy used a fork to open the Musang durian.

My late father-in-law owned a durian orchard in which durians grew in abundance. Now only less than 15 trees are left (my brother-in-law replaced them with dragon fruit, banana etc). Even so, two weeks ago we loaded our car with lots of durians for our neighbors, not forgetting my hubby's buddy who loves kampong durian. To our sweet surprise, the next day one neighbor baked us a durian cake. Another one gave us cream puffs with durian flavor (he owns a confectionery franchise).

How wonderful! The King Of Fruit is surely inspiring!

Best of all, it makes you realize that you don't need to be a tycoon to feel RICH (in Friendship)!


Joyful.Mum said...


citiding said...

You are right, so many things cannot be bought by money.
Oh, the more you give, the more you get!

pakmat said... you make me wished that I am your neighbour, too..

YuinTing said...

Hi Joyful.Mum, 有機會我真想和妳分享。(都是同鄉 哩!)

Hi Mr. citiding, money can't buy everything, especially true love & friendship.

Hi Pakmat, actually I wish that I'm your neighbour too... so that I can drop by your house everyday during Hari Raya for those delicious Malay cooking!