Friday, November 19, 2010

It Isn't An Art Lesson!

My daughter didn't do well in her final term science exam. Some of the questions were simple and direct yet she got them wrong. I discovered she had problem recognizing some chinese characters.

She claimed that she NEVER learnt "白昼" before. But I found that 2 chinese characters printed big and clear on her textbook!

"YA ho... actually i learnt that before..." she said softly.

Obviously my artistic daughter was DISTRACTED by her own drawing of bird singing & perching on a lamp post!!!


Joyful.Mum said...

Similar things happened to my second son every time. Both your kid and mine are artistically inclined!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi YuinTing, ha ha, kids are always like that, make mothers worry.....
But I'm sure she will be fine.

We have 3 very recent Malaysian friends migrated here with young children, couple of teens too....and they sure surprised everyone, all scoring above 90% in their class tests.

And the mothers can't believe their own ears to hear their children saying, "I love to go to school here, Mummy"!

I guess they love the style and ways of teaching children here.
My wife's niece teen daughter score 99% in all her Maths, Science tests. Wants to be an Aerospace Engineer when she graduates.
Best regards, Lee.

YuinTing said...

Hi Joyful.Mum,

We should be happy that our kids are artistically inclined. It enriches their lives.

Actually when I was young, I was just like my daughter. I remember transforming all the "tick" to cigar when my teacher was explaining each and every question of a worksheet. I was not listening at all :-P

Hi Uncle Lee, a lot of kids love to learn if they have the right environment. I think that's also why a lot of Malaysians are migrating now. Even for those who do not migrate to other countries, they're migrating their kids from government school to private or international school.

My son is studying science and math in English and he enjoys it very much. Unfortunately, due to the change of education policy, when my daughter goes to secondary 1 in 2 years time, she has to study that 2 subjects in BM. Isn't it good to stick to English and learn other subjects in BM??!!