Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Priceless Halloween Memory

Halloween is no fun without costume. In the past, we utilized whatever in our wardrobe to make costumes. This year, we decided to make a trip to Costume World to see what we could rent.

RM 20 for a pirate bandana & belt with a skull buckle.
I bought a RM2 red colour fabric from Kamdar and paid a tailor RM8 to make a simple vest.

RM20 for colorful garlands and wrist band. I later found out that Toy R Us has those items and it's only RM17.90! Too late for me to regret.

It cost me RM3 to buy the material to make this simple hula skirt.
It will cost me RM30 if I rent the skirt plus garlands and wristband from Costume World.

I simply love this Wonder Woman costume and it looks nice on my daughter. The material is good and it comes with head band and wrist band too. It costs RM50. It's worth the money because I also took some photos wearing it :-)

In total, we spent RM90 on the costume rental. However, I paid a deposit of RM180 which was later refunded when those costumes were returned in good condition. (TIPS: It's better to visit the store a few weeks earlier. The place will be crowded when halloween is approaching)

I got this idea from the internet. I used a foam card to make the above, and one roll of orange color paper to make the tentacles. With the help of a super glue and black tape, plus 2 used CD, a squid was born!

I paid RM20 for 2 pcs of balaclava from a shop in AmCorp Mall.

It's worth spending a small amount on halloween for those PRICELESS memories!


Sunny-Cookie said...

Wow, lovely costumes! It's always fun to dress up in costumes :)

Joyful.Mum said...

Hey, beautiful lady pirate and her gangster family group,you should post up a photo of all of you in Halloween costume!

YuinTing said...

Hi Sunny-Cookie,

Even though Halloween is just for a day, our family (especially me) had a whole month of fun planning, decorating & squeezing our creative juice to make it a memorable event.

Hi Joyful.Mom,

This year too bad I did not take a family picture with my hubby and kids. However, we did have some group photos :-)