Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Once again, we've our halloween celebration. This year, we had it on Saturday instead of Sunday so that kids do not need to worry about school on the next day.

My lovely nieces are definitely not the "Too School To Be Cool" type!
And my sis-in-law has always been a good sport. She was an ugly & scary witch in '08 serving kids with "finger" food (she baked cookies that looked like real fingers). In 2009 she transformed herself into a sexy witch with bats on top of her head, and this year she decided to wear her mom's dress and swing into the 70s!

The sweet little mermaid...the pirate found her in an island and
made her the pet!

The pretty devil is my special guest this year. She's a very dear friend of mine since Primary 1.

My boy and his friend YS are "Mercenaries" ( I thought it's called
"Killer" or "Assassin" but he corrected me and taught me a new terminology instead). YY the special guest is a cool Ninja.

The first group of trick or treaters arrived on time.

More joined in for trick or treating...

Wanna get an autograph from"Lady GaGa" ?

I found my Mini Me!

It cost me less than RM10 to transform my maid into a squid (a simple art and craft). She was a Pontianak in 2009 and this year decided not to scare the kids anymore.

Let's make strange faces!

Some simple quizzes to win "gold coins" from the pirate.
"Which monster is blue and loves cookies?"
"Which monster is green and has a lot of stitches all over his face and body?"
"Which is the friendliest ghost?"
"Which monster kills people in their dreams?"
"What do you call the witch's brewing pot?"

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to those who know the answers!


Kai-Jin said...

Halloween is my favorite festive, since am back from the sates I have been missing. And since I have you and 洁妈 as my blog friends, I have been looking forward to Halloween to see what you all gonna dress up each year. My KJ is now 2, and we took him for his first Halloween, but he just refuse to get into costume let alone trick or treating! Well will hope for next year! :)
Thanks for sharing you Halloween each year! Your girls are so grown up now!

YuinTing said...

Hi Pei Pei,

Same like you, I love halloween too! I got to know about this celebration during my short stay in the States. Hope next year I can see KJ and his Mei Mei dress up as some interesting characters! I'm sure they'll look soooooooooo cute!