Thursday, November 18, 2010

We just couldn't resist the sale!

So far, the only type of sale I couldn't resist is the BOOK SALE.

Recently, my GPS (Gua Punya Suami) brought me to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Sri Kembangan twice and came home with more than one hundred books. We brought our 3 kids & maid along but on the second time, we went there without them.

Bought a lot of Horrible Science series, Chicken Soup for Preteen Soul, Tennage Soul, Writer Soul, 2 Geronimo Stilton comics (all the Geronimo storybooks were grabbed by those early birds), Star Wars novels, Go Girl series, Candy Apple series, Judy Blume series, even Captain Underpants & Anthony Howitz series. Also grabbed books on yoga, recipe, RM8 "Who Moved My Cheese?" (RM29.90 in Popular Bookstore) , IQ book, magazine etc.

What to 3 kids have different preference. My girls are selective but my son reads a wide range of books (including his sisters' books). Even my maid bought a few books & magazines too!

After all, what's better than reading?


citiding said...

Well done, YuinTing!
Is the sale still on?

YuinTing said...

Hi Mr Cityding, the sale already ended on 17 Nov. The price is good. I bought a lot of books at RM5 each.