Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prawn Fishing on Father's Day

On Father's Day, I declared "TODAY, DAD IS THE BOSS & let him decide how he wants to celebrate. "

Upon hearing my announcement, my daughter said,"Mom, if dad is the boss, you'll be the CONSULTANT," I burst out I really that "powerful"??

We had our lunch at a restaurant near our house. My daughter ordered her favorite salmon fish.

My hubby often brings home salmon fish from the market, especially for his beloved daughter.

"I think next time you've to marry a rich man to enjoy all these expensive food," he smiled and said to his daughter.

"NO NO NO. She has to work hard and make a good living herself!!!,"I instantly objected. I always heard him lecturing my son to work hard to enjoy a better life next time, and yet to his daughter....??!!

After a good meal, my hubby suggested to go prawn fishing.

It's a new experience for everyone. 1st hour is RM15, and
each additional hour is

Even though my hubby loves fishing,
I opted for half an hour first (RM7.50 each) as I'm not sure how patient my kids would be. (well,
that's the job of a "consultant")

We're given 4 fishing rods and 4 baits.

My hubby
caught his first PRAWN!!! That's
a Father's Day Present for himself.
He patiently taught the kids the necessary technique.

Not long later, my son got his first catch too! Everyone got excited and wanted me to extend to an hour. More prawns were caught by my hubby and son. We then added another half an hour and my elder daughter finally caught one too!

Now only left with my youngest daughter who didn't get any yet, but refused to give up. Her daddy offered to give her a prawn but she rejected. I'm proud of my little girl. I'm sure she knows that only through her own effort, she could have the real sense of achievement.

And so we ended up spending 2 hours on prawn fishing.

We managed to catch 9 prawns (hubby 4, son 4, daughter 1).

And the best part was... kids were rewarded with a delicious MAGIE MEE + PRAWN meal that evening!

In total we paid RM108 for 9 prawns and each prawn costs a whopping RM12!

Even so, like what my wise daughter once said "the memory is priceless"

And there's a lesson for my kids on that beautiful afternoon...

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

So, dear kids, do work hard and you'll be rewarded with a good life.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, wow! I love this, prawn fishing.
And your daughter loves salmon. Its funny but I have never gone overboard for salmon. Used to fish for them, give to my friends. Big guys too, 25 pounders!

And that was good of hubby take everyone fishing. I took my sons fishing at an early age, 6 years old, they not only hooked fishes, but got hooked for like on fishing!

And Holy Smoke! Fishing in a paid environment? In comfort too, ha ha. No sun, no insects, mosquitos?
I remember back in the '60s I used to go with friends to Kuala Selangor, as well to near Bangi, then Perak's Tanjong Tuallang to fish for these udang galahs, and they were big then.
And we would each catch more them 30 to 50. Sure a a udang feast at home.

You got great kids there...yes, take them fishing, next time go out to some river or lake, the real thing.
Best regards. Lee.

YuinTing said...

Hi Uncle Lee, I could see your passion in fishing. I remember in September last year, you put up a photo of you & your wife fishing together. That's really a nice photo, and I love that scenery too!

Unlike my family... indoor prawn fishing, ha ha. I also hope to go to some river next time, but I'm not quite sure whether it's safe (crime rate is pretty high here). Must find one place which is not too quite and secluded.

WOW! 30-50 prawns?!!! It's truly amazing! In fact, we not only paid to do the fishing, last year we paid for the kids to climb rocks in a shopping centre. My hubby was complaining and said when he's young, he could climb all types of trees and it's FREE! Sometimes, I wish I lived in your era :-)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting. My time back in the '60s there was not much pollution and the udang galas were monster sizes too.
Why don't you check out that Kenyir dam area for a camping, fishing trip with your family.
I was there when they starting construction on the dam.
And before that used to fish for Tomans there, huge fellows too.

Also, best is sea or shore fishing...for your kids. They'll love it, and its free too.
Try Kuantan....or Trengganu....or plan a trip to Pulau Kapas. The fishing there is from the rocks. Good fun, your kids will love it.
You have a nice day.

YuinTing said...

Dear Uncle Lee, thanks for your good advice. I also heard that the Kenyir dam is nice. Must make a family trip there soon!