Thursday, June 16, 2011

I still owe my little girl a portrait...

In Dec 2007, I put up my son and daughter's portraits in my Yahoo blog. My hubby took the photos and I did the paintings (in year 1999 and 2000). At that time, I promised myself that I would do one for my youngest daughter as soon as I could find time.

Unfortunately, until today I've not done any...
Times flies, she's already in primary 3. Today she's complaining again that I've not produced one for her.

I decided to go through old photos and managed to find a few below...

She's my angel. I truly want to give her a beautiful portrait. However, I need to seriously polish my skill before I'm confident enough to put her on canvass.

(Zi, 3 years old) Daddy and Mommy. With a very unique "I love U"

(Zi, 5 years old) She witnessed me and her daddy kissing on one occasion and produced this masterpiece.

I'm sure a great painting begins with a feeling, not an idea :-)


薰衣草夫人 said...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, wow! You are very good with your painting. You have a natural talent and good eye.
The paintings are very good.
That cute daughter of yours will one day give a lot of boys heart bypass, ha ha.
Love her cute smile. She's gorgeous! Bet she has her mom's traffic stopper looks too.

Go do one for her.....have fun.

Kai-Jin said...

well done mama!! keep painting!!!!

YuinTing said...


Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for your compliment. I'm ok if she gives boys heart bypass, as long as she knows how to choose her Mr Right in order not to give us HEART ATTACK. Ha! Ha!

Thanks Kai-Jin's mommy. I've started going through my old art books ... and I've finally started choosing a suitable photo to draw (long overdue).

Gotta be fair to all 3 of my kids, if not my little girl may feel something... When my youngest brother was a little boy, he thought he was adopted. Know why? That's because my parents' bedroom wall had a lot of my photos and my other brother's photos but none of his. Poor thing.