Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kids are the real Transformers!

TZ's creation when she's 5+.

Last night hubby brought kids for Transformer show and they seemed to enjoy it very much. Times flies, it's been a few years since the first show came to the cinema.

Time to go down the memory lane...

In 2007, my little girl was inspired to transform her magnetic shapes & alphabets into a robot - according to her, that's the TRANSFORMER!

I was attracted by her creation and therefore used Photoshop's Neon Glow effect to transform it (I didn't do anything else to her original creation except just a click of button for the Neon Glow effect). It had created an unexpected result!

It's so fun that I started using other effects available. It seemed to be more menacing after I used the "Solarise" effect.

Transformer in action...the "Wind" effect.

A new "Heavy Metal species" that is fully equipped with armor and weapon. (Emboss effect)

Kids are truly inspiring...


Joyful.Mum said...

Your child is very talented in art and creation!

yenjai said...

Really good!

YuinTing said...

Thanks Joyful.Mum & Yenjai.
Through the innocent naivete of the child's eyes, life can be full of pleasant surprises. Just give them the freedom to express themselves and you'll be rewarded with many "masterpiece" from them :-D