Monday, July 18, 2011

The young T-shirt designers

Yesterday kids were having fun designing their own t-shirts.

I bought this set of Fabric Marker for RM15.90 from the recent Toy R Us sales.

TZ invited her friend Michelle to have fun together.

I gave them the freedom to decide what to draw. Thought they would fill the white t-shirt with flower, star or teddy bear but I was completely wrong.

TZ's design

Michelle's design (She wrote "I Love Me" on the sleeve!)

I wanna add a "LIKE" to this design :-)

TH's design... based on TZ's request for confetti. My artistic daughter creatively modified one of the angry bird characters into a Party Bird!

I simply love the *Click*!

Today is TZ's birthday. I would like to wish this "new age girl" a very happy birthday.

Mommy loves you so much and you'll surely receive uncountable "Like" from mommy.


reanaclaire said... creative... I wouldnt mind wearing one like this too.. perhaps I should print out ...
Caring Is Not Only Sharing..

People see, call me siow or not? hahahaa...

Sunny-Cookie said...


eugene said...

Those Ts are really very nice and very creative too.... i am so sure, the girls will be so happy for the next design assignment,, good to start them young..

now i am not too sure, are those Ts water prove or rather are those marker pens water prove...........

send one for me, ya.hahhahaah

well done and keep it up

Joyful.Mum said...

Excellent work on creativity!! Auntie LIKE LIKE LIKE too!!

YuinTing said...

Hi Claire, do send in your oder :-)
No worries, people don't call you siow, they will say "this auntie very creative leh!" Ha! Ha!

TZ would like to say THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! to Auntie Sunny-Cookie! (So are you going to draw Angry Bird, Aunty?)

HI Eugene, it's a truly fun project. Perhaps you can let your boys design their Ts too...hmmm...I wonder what would boys draw... Transformer??

BTW, the Crayola Fabric Marker is good, the colour didn't run after we washed the Ts even though we forgot to iron it for 4 min before the 1st wash.

TZ would also like to say THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! to Auntie Joyful.Mum. The girls can't wait to design more Ts. Tell you a SUPER GOOD DEAL. Giant Kelana Jaya is selling those Ts for RM1 one NOW. It's for girls only (short but loose...the one TZ wearing is L. Maybe it's meant for young adult.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, wow! Very artistic, Your girl has talents and very creative.
Can make one XXXL size? Ha ha ha.
Love the t-shirts, very original.
Hey, can sell them make good money!

You sure got good looking girl there....has her mom's very attractive looks...
Have a nice day.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice t-shirt!~ Creatively done... :)

YuinTing said...

Hi Uncle Lee, thanks for your compliment. Would love to create one specially for you with "A Moonlight Rendezvous" on the front portion, & "Pleasure is the Flower that passes. Remembrance the lasting perfume." at the back.

Of course, the Ts will come with sexy fonts & silhouette of you & Mrs Lee dancing tango under moonlight! Hmmm... I like your business plan. Lets see how much the girls should charge their first customer. Would you like to pay in Canadian dollar or Ringgit Malaysia? ha ha!

Hi Prince & Princess mommy, I love your kids artwork too! You're surely a creative queen yourself!

Venie said...

Happy Birthday to TZ.

We really need to keep it up wit the kids nowadays or else we really don understand why they draw Like, google and twitter...

I LOVE the Party Bird! Very nice drawing! :)

YuinTing said...

Hi Venie, welcome!
You're right. We have to keep up with them so that we can understand them better. Instead of being an Angry Mom, we should learn more about Angry Bird. Ha ha.