Friday, September 23, 2011

Her way to avoid punishment

According to my 9 yr old daughter, her Chinese subject teacher is extremely strict. He's very particular about getting things right. Those who do not write nicely, or wrongly count the strokes of the Chinese characters will be punished. Initially she was very worried about it.

So far, my little girl was only punished once & that was many months ago. I wonder how she can get away with it because I'm sure it's hard for kids not to make mistakes from time to time.

She told me, "Because I distract him with what I wrote."

Being curious, I checked her exercise book. I was truly very impressed with what I saw & wonder where she got the idea from.

(click to enlarge)

Her note to the teacher:
"Note: I think you said 承is 7 畫 when we're discussing 生字,but 筆順says it's 8畫。It's different! I don't know which is right! If my 生字wrong then I'll get punished, and if my 筆順wrong I will get punished too!"

** "生字" is another exercise book for students to write new words
**"筆順" is the exercise book shown above

WOW! What a brave and clever girl who dares to speak up!

And guess what's her very serious and strict teacher's response...

He gave her an "A", plus a remarks - "I'll find out. Don't worry!". Oh ya, it comes with a cute smiley face too! *wink*

Since than, she will "distract" her teacher with questions such as the followings:

My daughter : "Is it good?"
Her teacher : "not bad" + "A"

My daughter : "Is it OK? Best Writing Critic?"
OMG! "Best Writing Critic"??!! I'm afraid she has got carried away. Her teacher may find her impolite even though she was just trying to be funny.
Her teacher gave her an "A" but without any additional remarks.

I told her not to overdo it. However, I do praise her for having the courage to ask and fight for her right. Luckily she has a strict but understanding teacher :-)


薰衣草夫人 said...


Jo said...

WoW...her teacher even comment in English for a chinese subject..

YuinTing said...


Hi Jo, welcome!
Looks like her teacher is strict but open-minded, if not he wouldn't have written those remarks in English. Actually he's a good teacher :-)

Sunny-Cookie said...

Haha, your girl is so creative! The teacher replied too...shows that he appreciates a creative student.

Anonymous said...

I don't think tis is a good or right way to 'face' the problem....pls look into it..=].

YuinTing said...

Hi Sunny-Cookie, I'm glad she dares to tell her teacher her problem. She never told me before that, and being a 9 year old, at least she's brave enough to "handle" the problem by herself. In fact, I do find it creative too, ha ha. In life, I think it is good to add a bit of humour into a "serious" situation.

Hi Anonymous, thanks for dropping by and giving me your view. My daughter's teacher is a cancer survivor. He's a very serious but caring teacher. He made them write diary a few times a week and I can see he really spends time to read and put down his caring remarks. Being a teacher of a big class (more than 50 students), that's a very good way for him to understand his students and to communicate directly with them.

Guess my daughter is too used to communicate with her teacher through writings. However, I did tell her not to overdo it, and perhaps when she's a little older, she'll be brave enough to face the teacher and speak to him directly on the problem. It's a learning process... I'm sure she'll eventually find a better and more appropriate way. Even then, I hope she can still do it with a smile & a bit of humour :-)