Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well done, son!

I've never heard of UNSW Global before my son told me he wanted to take part in an assessment offered by Education Assessment Australia (EAA), a wholly owned enterprise of the University of New South Wales.

In view that he's in a public school, I encouraged him to take the assessment in order to compare his standards with students from various types of school.

I am indeed happy with his result. He scored a distinction which stated that his English writing is "better than 96 per cent of Form 2 students in Malaysia". The areas which he didn't do well were highlighted behind the result slip. Oh ya, a certificate is given too!

Since young my son was an avid reader. He has a flair for language & good in Bahasa Malaysia too. Now I wish he can put in more effort in his Chinese subject which I "force" him to continue studying. Son, I'm very sure you can do it if you put in more effort!


薰衣草夫人 said...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Yuin Ting, you have a son any mother will be proud to have. Congratulations to your son.
I'm sure he will exceed yours and hubby's expectations
one day soon.....
Keep motivating him.....and have fun.
Sons like yours don't grown on trees.

eugene said...

Show him loads of appreciation,he will excel further,keep motivate him but then again play time also must give to him,,,let him be a bit naughty also good hahahah but I am serious,,,,,,,,,,,

thanks for this post,I will go and learn more about it,,,,,,,,,i mean the exam side of it ya

take care now

YuinTing said...

我記得她去年曾獲得由The Oxford & Cambridge Society Of Malaysia主办的英文作比赛第三名.我曾跟孩子們提起過此事,鼓勵他們有日也可嘗試.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Yes, well done! :)

YuinTing said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement again, Uncle Lee. Yes, I do feel proud of my son. So far he's also quite a responsible & sensible boy too. Even though at times he'll argue with me to put his point across, most of the time he knows his limit and doesn't give me big headache :-)

Hi Eugene, thanks for your advice. Actually my son is not the "guai guai zai" type of bookworm... Apart from reading, he has many other interest : watching movies, soccer, archery, fencing, paintball & go batting cage. Earlier he kept pestering me to let him join the shooting club and I said NO. He's crazy about guns & has an encyclopedia of it. He loves playing X-box but i limit it to weekends only. The only thing i approve him to play everyday is piano, ha ha.