Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why is dad the only one who can read the newspaper??!!

My youngest daughter showed me her essay paper. She wrote 4 paragraphs based on picture sequence and keywords given.

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Based on Picture 2 and keywords : 人山人海 crowded/jam-packed with people ,迫不及待 can't wait,換泳衣 change to swimwear,拾貝殼 pick seashell

She wrote : "That place was very crowded. We're very excited. My brother and I couldn't wait to change into our swimwear. We plunged into the water and played happily. My sister picked various type of seashells. My mother was listening to music and reading newspaper under a big tree."

I'm happy that my daughter was creative and added in her own thoughts and sentences, especially about ME listening to music and reading paper.

Unfortunately, the word "Mother" was circled by her male teacher, and he wrote "father?"

Why??!!!!! Don't mothers have the right to read newspaper and listen to music too??!!!

What a discrimination!!!!


My friend holds a high post in the corporate world but at home he's a dedicated father and husband. He loves to cook for his family on weekends. So, it's not surprising that his daughter wrote "爸爸在煮飯,媽媽在看報紙。” (Daddy is cooking, and mommy is reading the newspaper.) His wife is a corporate lady.

Oh ya, even my friend's mom praised him (in front of me & his wife ) ,"他入得廚房,出得廳堂。" Usually this is used to praise a WOMAN who's very good in running the household and also very presentable & capable.


Hello teacher, the world has changed :-)


薰衣草夫人 said...


YuinTing said...



只怕小女兒寫 : “KAKAK 在準備著美味可口的食物;媽媽在大樹下一邊聽歌,一邊看報紙。

eugene said...

So scholl or 教育方弍:死板, we must then as parent be creative at home,we can talk nonsense with them, let them argue with us,you know this is cool...

Hey Yuin Ting,just wonder if you are on Facebook,you can always add me there,, search eugene ung.

thank you

YuinTing said...

You're right, Eugene. As parents, we have to encourage them to think out of the box and be creative. My kids do argue with me, at times their points are valid too. They see things from another perspective. We have to respect their view too.

I do have FB account ... but not the active type. Sure, will add you soon. Thanks :-)