Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pa, Dad, Daddy...

Archery at Sunway Pyramid a week before Father's Day

My son said his father treats his sisters better than him. For example, when his sister drops something, his dad will ask:"What happen? Are you OK?" On the other hand, if he's drops something, he thinks his dad will say: "What happen? Did something wrong again?"

I know my hubby loves all 3 the same. It's just that he's stricter on his son, or to be more precise, the future HIM. He has high expectations and wants his son to set high goals and go all out to achieve them. He doesn't like those who "talk a lot but cannot deliver".

My hubby is a brave and tough guy, and he wants his son to be the same too. I once saw him showing off the scars on his hands and legs to his son. Those are his badges of courage from knife cut, acid drip etc. I don't think he would ever want those ugly scars on his daughters' delicate skin. If my son can see this point, he'll realize that men just treat their sons differently from daughters.

Superimposed photos taken during Halloween '11

I even notice my daughters call my hubby "dad" , or "daddy" (in a "manja" tone )
As for my boy, it's either "dad", or "pa" (instead of daddy).
And I either call him by name, "daddy" or "lao gong" (ahem... when want to manja too)

Well... son, I know you like weapons such as knives and guns. But you'll eventually learn that's girls have their secret weapons too.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Prawn Fishing on Father's Day

On Father's Day, I declared "TODAY, DAD IS THE BOSS & let him decide how he wants to celebrate. "

Upon hearing my announcement, my daughter said,"Mom, if dad is the boss, you'll be the CONSULTANT," I burst out I really that "powerful"??

We had our lunch at a restaurant near our house. My daughter ordered her favorite salmon fish.

My hubby often brings home salmon fish from the market, especially for his beloved daughter.

"I think next time you've to marry a rich man to enjoy all these expensive food," he smiled and said to his daughter.

"NO NO NO. She has to work hard and make a good living herself!!!,"I instantly objected. I always heard him lecturing my son to work hard to enjoy a better life next time, and yet to his daughter....??!!

After a good meal, my hubby suggested to go prawn fishing.

It's a new experience for everyone. 1st hour is RM15, and
each additional hour is

Even though my hubby loves fishing,
I opted for half an hour first (RM7.50 each) as I'm not sure how patient my kids would be. (well,
that's the job of a "consultant")

We're given 4 fishing rods and 4 baits.

My hubby
caught his first PRAWN!!! That's
a Father's Day Present for himself.
He patiently taught the kids the necessary technique.

Not long later, my son got his first catch too! Everyone got excited and wanted me to extend to an hour. More prawns were caught by my hubby and son. We then added another half an hour and my elder daughter finally caught one too!

Now only left with my youngest daughter who didn't get any yet, but refused to give up. Her daddy offered to give her a prawn but she rejected. I'm proud of my little girl. I'm sure she knows that only through her own effort, she could have the real sense of achievement.

And so we ended up spending 2 hours on prawn fishing.

We managed to catch 9 prawns (hubby 4, son 4, daughter 1).

And the best part was... kids were rewarded with a delicious MAGIE MEE + PRAWN meal that evening!

In total we paid RM108 for 9 prawns and each prawn costs a whopping RM12!

Even so, like what my wise daughter once said "the memory is priceless"

And there's a lesson for my kids on that beautiful afternoon...

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

So, dear kids, do work hard and you'll be rewarded with a good life.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dad is still the more popular one!

my son's drawing in 2007

My little girl insisted I'm the "employer" and his dad is an "employee" even though he & I own and run the same company. Know why? My hubby is always telling the kid that "Mom is the boss."

My following Yahoo blog entry in 2007 explains how I earn this GREAT title in this family:

1) When my kids beg to play computer game at odd hours, their father who does not want to disappoint them (directly) will say to them : "Go ask the boss."

3) When my kids request some expensive new toys, their father who refuses to be the bad guy will say to them: "Go ask the boss".

3) When my kids ask for MacDonald's much too often until their daddy starts to get confused whether or not it is a healthy food will say to them "Go ask the boss".

Usually my duty is pretty simple yet cruel, that's to give them a big NO plus a big Disappointment.

"Aren't you the boss in the office? Can't you make the decision?" They questioned their father.
"Yes. But at home mommy is the Boss of The Boss!"

Am I thrilled with the title? NOT AT ALL!
Hey, it means "The Bad Guy of The Bad Guy"!!!

There's another blog entry in 2007 about my daughter's choice of shoe.

...We went shopping & she picked a pair of pink shoes with heels. I refused to let her buy because I did not want her to hurt her ankle. We ended up buying nothing.

But one fine evening, she and her father came home happily with that pair of SHOES! I was surprised + crossed and gave both of them a piece of my mind. My hubby "thought" I had given the green light and my clever daughter said nothing about it. ("Act blur").

Being the GOOD GUY, my hubby said, "for that pair of shoes, I'll be scolded by your mom for many days."

Being the BAD GUY, I bought my daughter another pair of shoes that I considered as "safe and healthy". However, as a compromise, I let her decide which to wear depending on the occasions.
The above was written 4 years ago. Today I must admit I'm still the bad guy and my popularity score does not seem to improve at all.
Once I warned him that he's going to spoil his daughters and his future son-in-laws will be suffering. Guess what he said... "Well, just let me enjoy my daughters and it's ok to let other men suffer."

Oh yes, he is also the good guy who would quietly bring our son for his favourite "bak kut teh" without letting me know. (I do not want them to have it too often)

My kids are truly blessed to have such a wonderful father.
Even though I'm not as popular, at least I know how to chose a good father for my kids, so they should trust my good judgements and listen to all my orders, right?!

As parent, it's important to do what's right and not what is popular...even though at times it's after much struggling.

I know being a good father is not an easy task too.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to every great father out there!
(Wishing Pakmat, Uncle Lee and mr cityding a happy father's day too)